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Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

Diagnostik Nissan Consult

IDR 550.000,-
Kode barang
Nisan Consult
Stok Ready stock

Nissan Consult  Diagnostik

Nissan Consult  Diagnostik adalah alat diagnostik dan tes untuk Mobil Nissan . Nissan Consult  tidak memerlukan power tambahan sebab sudah didapatkan dari power dari soket diagnostik 14pin Nissan.
Nissan Consult  Diagnostik dapat memeriksa dan menghapus kode DTC serta inisial sensor atau menyesuaikan sensor  dan sebagainya.

1. Language: English
2. Support System: Windows XP
3. Can't update

Nissan Consult Function:

1.Monitor and Log dozens of realtime parameters
2.Check and clear engine fault codes before going to an expensive auto shop
3.Adjust the timing and idle
4.Power balance testing
5.Reset the self-learn codes
6.Control idle air valves, relays (AC, fans, etc), timing
7.Diagnose customer vehicles on-site
8.Speed up troubleshooting of electronically monitored components
9.No software is supplied with this device

Nissan Consult Description:

1.Interface fitting for 14pin Consult Port of Nissan vehicles.
2.Heavy & robust casing for rough service use
3.Connects to PC via RS232
4.Powered from car battery over 14pin Consult Port of Nissan vehicles.
5.LED to control power and clock function

Nissan Consult Package List:

1pc x Nissan Consult interface
1pc x RS232 Cable
1pc x CD Drive

2014 Super quality For Nissan consult interface for Nissan obd2 diagnostic scanner 14 pin for nissan consult interface
For Nissan consult Vehicle Diagnostic Interface for Nissan obd scanner
For Nissan Consult Interface Features
Interface fitting for 14pin Consult Port of Nissan vehicles.

 Heavy & robust casing for rough service use

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